KA Recollect PROGRAM

We care about nature … and you ?
We’ll handle used IBC containers or barrels from your plant territory! We work in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland
We also provide reference regarding IBC containers and barrels that we handled, reference gives you possibility to have lesser excise duty or even none for transport package.
Most importantly – we’ll do it comfortably for you and safely for the nature !


Ask for more information about recollect program from us — info@unipal.lv, or by phone: +372 504 2530

Collection program and re-usage of IBC containers and barrels

At this time we’re biggest processors of IBC containers and barrels in Baltic states .
We’re partnered with NCG- EUROPE and are responsible for collection of used containers and it’s recycling in Baltic states.

Why you should use our services?

  • We do it correctly and according to EU regulations
  • Thanks to our large experience – this service is a lot cheaper, than utilisation of containers / barrels
  • We provide reference of re-usage of collected containers and barrels
  • We provide logistics

 How much does this service cost?

All of the containers and barrels had different type of substances inside, that’s why it’s always best to ask for individual offer or consult with the specialist – info@unipal.lv or by phone +372 504 2530

Read the rules of IBC and barrels recollection carefully >>> IBC Collection Rules

Аsk for individual consultation with our specialist!

info@unipal.lv or by phone +372 504 2530